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A friend of mine is selling a load of warhammer models, I figured a few of the people here might be interested. Linktastic!
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This Wednesday is our fun drop-in afternoon as part of the Guild's 28 days Later month of activities.
After our usual Lunchtime social in CR5 we'll be mvoing next door to the Mandela room for an afternoon of films, games and fun with a horror theme. We'll be screening films (mostly vampire ones) throughout the afternoon and there'll be a variety of board and card games that anyone can join in.
If you want to come along and bring some friends that's great. We're holding an open, fun social event. Hopefully it'll be as popular as our welcome event last term.

At 7:30 we'll return to our usual format for our 90s Nostalgia Night. This is a chance to relive those classic kids shows you loved so much when you were young. We'll be watching Maid Marian, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bucky O'Hare and more!

Friday lunchtime is as ever from 1pm in CR5.

Don't forget Thurs 22nd is Rocky Horror Night. It should be a night to remember so come and buy your tickets from me at any Sci-fi meeting.

All of the above events have their own place on Facebook.
Drop-in Afternoon: http://ubrm.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2233930683
90s Nostalgia: http://ubrm.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2234261413
Rocky Horror: http://ubrm.facebook.com/event.php?eid=2239646686

Have Fun,

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I am pleased to announce that Sci-fi Soc and Fet Soc are joint-hosting a Rocky Horror Night in the Beorma Bar on Thursday 22nd Feb.

From mad scientists and wild bikers to party people and sweet transvestites we fully encourage dressing up and shouting out.

The bar will open by 7:30 and the film starts at 8pm.

Due to limited space we're ticketing the event. Tickets cost £1 and admission goes towards an exciting prize draw on the night.

Tickets are available from Sci-fi and Fet Soc meetings in the Guild and any spares will be sold on the door.

Sci-fi and Fantasy Soc meetings: 1-2pm Wednesdays and Fridays in CR5, and Wednesday evenings from 7pm in the Mandela room.
Fet Soc meetings: 1-2pm Mondays, further meeting details can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/brum_fetsoc/

Places are not guaranteed until we've received payment, but you can reserve tickets via email. Please contact us through the society emails (sci-fi@guild.bham.ac.uk or fetish@guild.bham.ac.uk) and get the money to us as soon as possible.

Hope to see you there,

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Night is Day is a six part science-fiction web-series set in Glasgow which follows the ever-complicated life of reluctant super-hero Jason Mackenzie as he negotiates his way through the criminal underworld of the city. Jason is joined on his crusade by an aspiring journalist Amy whom he saved from being attacked and who now patches him up when he gets roughed up by thugs of crimelord Mr Philips.

The first part is free to view, go ahead and give it a go!

Download it here - http://www.nightisday.com
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Hello everyone,

This week we are holding a Book Discussion event.
Like our event last term this is a great chance for people to get together and discuss their favourite books. This time we're limiting it to comedy genre fiction, but that still has plenty of scope.
Once again it is not a competition, we don't expect anyone to be a brillant speaker. The idea is that everyone can have their say and discuss those books that get them laughing.
As usual we're in Mandela from 7pm on Wednesday to start at 7:30.

Lunchtimes are back to CR5, Wed and Fri 1-2pm.

On Wed 14th Feb Sci-fi and Roleplay will join forces to host a drop-in afternoon as part of the Guild's 28 Days Later month of activities.
We're hoping it'll be like the very popular Welcome event last term. There'll be various games, vampire films and plenty of opportunities to chat with people. 2 - 7:30pm in Mandela before the usual Sci-fi evening event. More info can be found on the Guild site:

I'm also pleased to announce that Sci-fi will be teaming up with Fetsoc on Thurs 22 Feb for a Rocky Horror night in Beorma Bar. Get your corsets out and your gladrags on for a night of fun and hilarity.
Due to limited space we will be ticketing the event, if you would like to reserve tickets please speak to me or Greg at a meeting.

Have fun,

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Hello All,

This week we're going to the cinema to see The Fountain starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

We're going to the 9:00pm screening on Wednesday, at Cineworld on Broad Street.
People will be assembling in Joes bar from about 7pm and we'll head to University station for the 8:25 train to Five Ways.

Lunchtime Socials are 1-2pm on Wednesday in Mandela, and Friday in CR5.

For those that haven't yet, come join our new forum at: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Citadel_of_Davegotsu/index.php
Chat about events, books, TV, or anything else you like.

The BSFG have a visit from author Robert Holdstock on Fri 9th Feb in the Britannia Hotel on New Street.

Animesoc are meeting Mondays at 7:30pm in the Guild Council Chambers and will be screening a variety of new shows.

Have fun,

(Chair of Sci-fi and Fantasy Soc)
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Hello Everyone

This week we're watching Vampire films.
The Lost Boys is a dark classic, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer [the movie] was written before the TV series and has various similarities and differences.
These 2 should balance out the comedic and dark elements of the vampire genre (also [livejournal.com profile] davegotsu and I couldn't agree on one).

As usual we'll be in the Mandela Room from 7pm, screening starts at 7:30.
Lunchtime socials are 1-2pm Wed and Fri both in CR5.

The events list will be on the website in the next few days. The Photos section has already been updated to show what we got up to last term (expect shoe stealing and strange headgear).

Don't forget to check out [livejournal.com profile] davegotsu's forum as mentioned in the last post. There's already a Hogfather discussion and we'll be starting a reading group there in February.

Have fun,

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I've finally got the reading group and forum up and running. It is part of my personal forum, but everyone is welcome.

The main forum is here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Citadel_of_Davegotsu/index.php?act=idx

The Sci-Fi and Fantasy specific stuff is here: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Citadel_of_Davegotsu/index.php?c=2

It also includes the new BURPS fora, so come along and join.
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Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

We have many things planned for this semester and a full events list will be on the website within the next week.
[livejournal.com profile] davegotsu will also be updating the photos section to include pictures from this year's Xmas activites.

This week, by popular demand, we're looking back to the festive season and showing Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. This is the first live-action adaptation of a Discworld novel and can be enjoyed by Pratchett fans and newcomers alike.
We'll be in the Mandela Room from 7pm on Wednesday, screening starts at 7:20 so we have time for a drinks break.

Conveniently the Guild have assigned all evening Events to the Mandela Room and all lunchtime Socials to CR5, so we'll have access to the library twice a week. Unless I say otherwise these will be the rooms for this term.

Hope everyone had a fun holiday,

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Just a reminder that we are just over a week away from the Birmingham Beer & Blake's 7 drink up:

Saturday, 20th January 2007
12.30 to 7pm

Old Joint Stock
4 Temple Row West,
B2 5NY

A map thingy is here:


The Old Joint Stock is on Temple Row West between Colmore Row and Waterloo St.

If you arrive at Snow Hill station, you simply have to walk out and turn right onto Colmore Row, walk up past the cathedral which is on your left, and Temple Row West is the next road on the left. Then the pub is a couple of doors up on the right.

If you arrive at New Street Station, there is a handy exit from the station which comes out on Navigation Street, and then you can walk up through Temple St or Needless Alley to get to Temple Row.

Anyone who is planning on coming who doesn't know any of us, let me know what you look like and roughly what time you are arriving and we'll look out for you.
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Hi, I hope you don't mind me gatecrashing your group, but I just thought I'd let you know about the next Birmingham Beer & Blake's 7.

Beer & Blake's 7 is basically a group name for Blake's 7 fans who meet for drinks in various parts of the country, mostly London but sometimes we have away trips. Well, we are having one in Birmingham on Saturday, 20th January 2007 from 12.30 to 7pm and any of you are welcome to pop along and join us.

The venue is:

Old Joint Stock
4 Temple Row West,
B2 5NY
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Hello all,

The society is having a comittee meeting on Sunday 10th Dec, 7:30pm at my house. In this meeting we'll decide what events to run next semester and deal with any other society business.

Anyone can come along it's an open meeting (although there's limited seating in my living room), if you'd like to be there let me know and I can give directions.

I'd also like to hear people's suggestions; the society is run entirely for it's members so we'd like to know what you want to do and how you think we can improve.
If you have anything to say email me or let me know in person. I know there's limited time before the meeting, but I'm happy to take suggestions anytime during the year.

Next week's event (13th Dec) is a cinema trip to see Pan's Labyrinth, and we'll be joined by some of the lovely people from Goth soc. So far I've only heard good things about the film so it'll be a nice way to finish the term.

The showing is 8:15 at the Cineworld cinema on Broad Street. We'll meet at University station from 7:30 and aim to be at the cinema before 8:00.

Lunchtime socials next week are Wed and Fri in CR5, 1-2pm.

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Hello All,

Due to events beyond my control our traditioanl End of Term Party has been brought forward a week. It's now on Wed 6th Dec in CR5, 7-11pm.

People will be bringing music and random games so feel free to contribute if there's something you'd like to hear or play. I'll be awarding chocolate-based prizes for our annual costume competition, there's no limit to what you dress as. Come and celebrate the end (almost) of the semester. :)

Lunchtime socials this week are also in CR5, 1-2pm Wednesday and Friday.

Next Week: Pan's Labyrinth cinema trip.

If anyone has any suggestions of events for next term please let me or another committee member know as we'll be having a committee meeting soon.
I'm also taking suggestions of new books for the library .

Have fun,

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Hello Everyone,

Due to bookings in the Guild during the last week of term the events list has changed slightly.
Pan's Labyrinth is postponed until the end of term.

This week we're still going to the cinema, but we'll be seeing The Prestige, starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.
We're going to the 8:40 screening at the AMC cinema in Five Ways. Meet at University station from 8:15 ready to catch the 8:26 train to Five Ways. There will be plenty of time after the film to get a train back to campus.

Lunchtime socials (1-2pm) are in CR5 on Wednesday and Friday, so the library will be available.

Beer and Skittles
For those of you going to the Beer and Skittles Xmas social on Friday, we'll be meeting in the Guild (Joes or Mermaid Square) from 6pm. And aiming to leave for the Selly Park Tavern around 6:30.

New Events List
Week 10 (6th Dec): End of Term Party instead of the quiz. There will be a costume competition and general merry-making.
Week 11 (13th Dec): Cinema trip to see Pan's Labyrinth.

See you there,

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For our event this week we will be watching Mirrormask.
This recent film by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, the creative team behind the award-winning Sandman series, is a mixture of animation, art and live action. It's visually pleasing and surreal and should be popular with Gaiman fans and newcomers alike.
The DVD will be provided by Ash, especially now that I've reminded him.

Wednesday 22nd Nov, in the Mandela Room. We don't have the room until 7:30 so we probably won't start until about 8:00.

Lunchtime socials are 1-2pm as aways; Wednesday in Mandela and Friday in CR5.

Cinema trip next week to see Guillermo del Toro's new film: Pan's Labyrinth.


Week 7

Nov. 12th, 2006 12:14 pm
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Week 7
Hello Everyone,

Our event this Wednesday is a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy night.
We'll be watching part of the recent film, the television series and listening to some of the radio version. Knowledge of the book (especially the first part, until Ford and Arthur get thrown out of the airlock) is useful but certainly not essential, and there is a copy in the library.
The general idea is to have a discussion of how the story is shown in different media. But if you want to rant about anything you don't like, or explain how you'd have done it better that's fine too.

We'll be in CR5 from 7pm but as usual won't start til about 7:30, so there'll be plenty of time to get some drinks in.

Come to the Beer and Skittles social with the Brum SF Group. It's only £8 (£10 non-students) and you get a fun social evening with a good buffet included. There are many chances to win prizes, either playing skittles or in the free raffle; and the room has its own bar for those who believe alcohol might help their game.
Friday 1st Dec 7-11pm; we'll guide people to and from the venue so you don't have to worry about travelling.
The deadline is the end of this week, I have to have all names and money by that time. So please come and see me at sci-fi or drop me an email.

Lunchtime socials: Wednesday 1-2pm in Mandela Room, Friday 1-2pm in CR5 (Rosa Parkes)

Hope to see you there,


Week 6

Nov. 5th, 2006 01:24 pm
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For our event on Wednesday evening we'll be watching Howl's Moving Castle.
This latest release from Studio Ghibli is based on the book by British author Diana Wynne Jones and has been dubbed in English; Christian Bale is the voice of Howl.

We'll be in CR5 from 7pm, but as usual won't start screening until about 7:30 so there's plenty of time to get drinks.

Lunctimes: As with last week (which I now realise was actually week 5 not week 4 again), we're in CR5 from 1pm, Wednesday and Friday.

Beer and Skittles!
Every year we join the Brum SF Group for their Christmas social. It's a fun event as those who've gone before will tell you. Many prizes are available, a buffet and bar are provided and you don't need any skill at skittles to join in.
Friday 1st December, 7-11pm. Tickets: £8 (£10 non-students). It's at the Selly Park Tavern, guides will take everyone there and back.

There are limited places and everyone needs to have paid by 20th Nov.
I'll be handling the money so talk to me (in person or by email) for further info.

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I spent an hour and a half sorting out the locker today.
Not entirely sure why; probably cos it had to be done at some point, I needed to do an inventory and honestly the mess was annoying me. It seems that I am a lot more organised on the society's behalf than I ever am for myself, weird but there it is.

This means that there are free books! Yes that's right, free books available for anyone to take away.

There are over 100 paperbacks (varied sizes) and several hardbacks.
We also have many back issues of periodicals, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy and Analog. There are even some old society magazines. :0

We'll be keeping some of the hardbacks and large paperbacks for people to borrow; there'll eventually be a list online and in the library so people can request books and graphic novels at meetings.

Once we've cleared the space we'll be able to store many things in the locker. Especially useful stuff like membership forms and the banner.

I'll get the books up from the locker at the meetings this week, and possibly next week. So people please come along and give them new homes.

Week 4

Oct. 28th, 2006 11:23 pm
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Firstly thanks to all those who braved the rain and came to the book discussion last week. The event was a success and we will no doubt be running another like it in the future.

Our Wednesday event this week is bowling.
This is the closest we come to any kind of sporting event. Although personally I view it as a social event rather than a competition, but that's just cos I'm bad at bowling.
We'll be meeting at University train station from around 7:00pm to catch the 7:11 train to Bournville station. We'll be going to a bowling alley on Pershore Road in Stirchley (opposite Warwards Lane), because it's cheaper than bowling on Broad Street.

On Friday we've been invited to join the Brum Science Fiction Group in a pub quiz. They meet in the Britannia Hotel on New Street; doors open at 7:30 for 8:00 start, admission is £4 and the hotel is licensed. More details about the group and their events can be found on their website: http://www.bsfg.freeservers.com
We'll be meeting at University train station again from 7:00pm to catch the 7:15 train.

Lunchtimes: Wednesday 1st Nov and Friday 3rd Nov, 1-2pm we'll be in CR5 (Rosa Parkes Room) in the Guild.

See you there,

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Hello All,

This Wednesday we're having our book discussion event. It's a great chance for people to get together and discuss something they really care about. We are limiting the discussion to genre fiction, but considering the broad scope of both fantasy and science fiction I don't think we have to worry about everyone choosing the same thing.
The event will be hosted by [livejournal.com profile] davegotsu, who may well be drinking as it's his birthday on Wed. It is not a competition and we don't expect anyone to be a brillant speaker. The idea behind the event is that everyone can have their say, as well as hearing plenty of recommendations for good books.
We have Committee Room 5 (now called the Rosa Parkes Room) from 7pm, although we probably won't start until 7:30. For any who still don't know it's on the 1st floor at the back of the Guild.

Lunchtime meetings (1-2pm) are Wednesday in the Thompson Training Suite (next to CR5) and Friday in CR5.

Coming up:
On Friday 3rd Nov we have been invited to join the Birmingham Science Fiction Group in a pub quiz. They hold their meetings in the Britannia Hotel on New Street. A group of us will be meeting at University station about 7:00, anyone who wants to come along should join us and we can travel there together. More specific details in next week's announcement.

Hope to see you all

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