Feb. 4th, 2007

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Hello everyone,

This week we are holding a Book Discussion event.
Like our event last term this is a great chance for people to get together and discuss their favourite books. This time we're limiting it to comedy genre fiction, but that still has plenty of scope.
Once again it is not a competition, we don't expect anyone to be a brillant speaker. The idea is that everyone can have their say and discuss those books that get them laughing.
As usual we're in Mandela from 7pm on Wednesday to start at 7:30.

Lunchtimes are back to CR5, Wed and Fri 1-2pm.

On Wed 14th Feb Sci-fi and Roleplay will join forces to host a drop-in afternoon as part of the Guild's 28 Days Later month of activities.
We're hoping it'll be like the very popular Welcome event last term. There'll be various games, vampire films and plenty of opportunities to chat with people. 2 - 7:30pm in Mandela before the usual Sci-fi evening event. More info can be found on the Guild site:

I'm also pleased to announce that Sci-fi will be teaming up with Fetsoc on Thurs 22 Feb for a Rocky Horror night in Beorma Bar. Get your corsets out and your gladrags on for a night of fun and hilarity.
Due to limited space we will be ticketing the event, if you would like to reserve tickets please speak to me or Greg at a meeting.

Have fun,

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Night is Day is a six part science-fiction web-series set in Glasgow which follows the ever-complicated life of reluctant super-hero Jason Mackenzie as he negotiates his way through the criminal underworld of the city. Jason is joined on his crusade by an aspiring journalist Amy whom he saved from being attacked and who now patches him up when he gets roughed up by thugs of crimelord Mr Philips.

The first part is free to view, go ahead and give it a go!

Download it here - http://www.nightisday.com


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