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It's that time again!

The Xmas social with the Brum SF Group is Friday 7th Dec, starting 7pm.
It's at the Selly Park Tavern on Pershore Road (same as last few years). We'll be going as a group, meet in Mermaid Square from 6:30pm or (for those in Selly Oak) by the church at the top of Bournbrook Road.

It costs £9 for Students and £10 for non-Students; price includes dinner, raffle tickets and skittles. There is a bar in the function room and one in the main pub which has a wider range.

If you would like to go please tell Steve at a sci-fi meeting, let him know if you need vegetarian or vegan food options. He'll also be collecting the money.

Pictures from last year can be found here under the Photo section.

Date: 2010-02-12 10:05 pm (UTC)
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Hi! This is Tad Williams. Please excuse the interruption to your regularly scheduled bloggery. People here have mentioned my work, or love fantasy and science fiction, so I just wanted to pop in and say that anyone interested in reading a chapter from my new book, SHADOWRISE, should drop an email to:


and we'll send one to you. We won't do anything rotten with your email address, either, we promise. This is real!

Thanks – Tad

From: (Anonymous)
I am the author of The Janus Effect and The Xandra Function ( pub Sept last year ). Would you like me to come and give you a talk?
Reply to trachodog@yahoo.co.uk


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