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Hey everybody,

This week we're heading to the cinema to see new Marvel movie Ghost Rider.

We'll be going to the 7pm screening at Cineworld, this means we have to catch the train at University around 6:30pm, so people might want to grab dinner early.
I know it's early but cinemas seem to have some problem with showing things at 8pm and so either we head out early or miss the train back. This way there'll be plenty of time afterwards to get back to campus, and we may even have time to get a drink in.

Lunchtime socials are as normal, 1-2pm CR5 Wednesday and Friday. If you've had library books out for a while please bring them back to one of these meetings.

In 2 weeks (Wed 21st March) it's our AGM and End of Term Party.
We'll be holding elections for the new committee. If you'd like to run for a committee position please do, there are plenty that look good on CVs and others which require very little actual work. All members can vote, and this is the one chance you have to pick who will be running the society next term.
Details of the committee positions and how to vote if you can't be there are in the previous post and on the society forum.
Please use this chance to participate in the society. It's an election without politics, which is a rare thing.

I have been told that Richard Charlton will be having most - if not all - of his hair removed tomorrow at 4pm for charity. Not sure where exactly, but ask Pete for details.

There is a Red Dwarf Night on Fri 9th March in the Thompson Training Suite. Starting at 6:30pm it's only £1.50 for 4.5 hours of Red Dwarf.

Have fun,

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