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The Committee

The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer make up the Top 4 committee positions. These officers are officially signed over every year so that they can deal with the Guild. The other committee positions are internal, so the Librarians, Fantasy Representative, Drunken Master and Honorary President can work within the society but are not officially recognised as committee members by the Guild.

The Chair is in charge of the society and has to make sure that the important stuff gets done. Tasks can be delegated to other committee members and so the workload is flexible. The main things the Chair needs to oversee are committee meetings, Freshers fair and room bookings. The Chair can take on or delegate other responsibilities depending upon the committee dynamic.

According to the constitution the Secretary is in charge of communication. This means making sure that members are receiving information. This is done through the mailing list, LJ community, forum and website. Some of these can be delegated to the Webmaster (Dave). The Secretary is also supposed to take minutes at committee meetings. However committee meetings tend to become a series of digressions, and so even if the minutes did exist they probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense. The Secretary can also take on other administrative tasks.

The Treasurer is the only one allowed to embezzle money from the society. Although two committee signatures are required on all finance forms and so they’d probably need an accomplice. Anyway, the society is not very financially active so the Treasurer just needs to keep an eye on the current account and make sure the grant forms are filled and the resultant money is spent.

Publicity Officer
This is a fairly new position and hasn’t been fully defined yet. Basically the Publicity Officer is in charge of getting the word out to the wider community. This mostly involves Freshers publicity, but can include any other events that committee or society want to publicise.

Librarian (x2)
The Librarians are keepers of the library keys and must make sure the library runs smoothly. This includes opening and closing the library, making sure people know how to take and return books, and reminding people to actually return their books. We tend to lose a few books each year and the Librarians’ job is to make sure that losses are avoided.

Fantasy Representative
Given the nature of our events and the current media trends we might manage to overlook the Fantasy side of the genre in favour of Science Fiction. When they feel that there has been too much focus on aliens and spaceships, and not enough on dragons and magic, the Fantasy Representative must tell the Chair to hold a fantasy based event. The Chair doesn’t actually have to do this, but it’d be nice if they did.

Drunken Master
This position has been vacant for the past year, however every group needs a comic drunk to entertain them and the Drunken Master is ours. This is the only position with an entry requirement instead of a vote; candidates must be timed drinking a pint of alcoholic liquid. The fastest drinker gets the position.

Honorary President
This position is designed to honour those who have made a contribution to the society or the genre, and those who can act as our role model in the year ahead. If the Honorary President comes to a meeting the society is obliged to buy her/him/it a drink. The position cannot be held by a member, but other than that there is no limit on who can be nominated. Our current Honorary President is Chuck Norris; previous incumbents include The Mighty Thor and Cthulhu.


The AGM is Wednesday 21st March in the Mandela room and will start at 7:30pm.
All society members can vote, regardless of their status within the Guild or University.
Nominations can be accepted on the night, but if you know in advance that you want to run for a position it's best to tell me so you can benefit from absentee ballots.

If anyone can't make it to the meeting they can submit an absentee ballot.
ALL absentee ballots MUST be in writing and must reach the Chair before the AGM starts. Absent voters must put their name and signature on paper and write down which person they vote for in which position. These ballots can be given to any committee member and will be kept secure by the Chair and destroyed once the AGM is over.

Even if a position is uncontested it is not definite that the candidate will win because we always run R.O.N. (Re-Open Nominations). So don't feel that voting is unnecessary even if there is only one candidate running for a position.

Remember this is your chance to have your say about your committee.
Hope I see you there.
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